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Features of Amise

Importing your information with ease

and from your existing tools

Import from your LDAP directory

To simplify the creation and connection of your users, Amise can communicate with your group directory in order to avoid creating an additional password.

Multiple upload via drag and drop

The addition of files in Amise is done by simple "Drag'n Drop", several uploads can take place at the same time! All file formats are supported.

Extraction of metadata

Amise will also automatically extract file-related metadata such as name, creation date, size, dimensions, but also IPTC, EXIF, and XML.

API & Web Services

Want to go further in importing your data? Amise provides APIs and Web Services to connect any source to Amise.

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Quick Start

thanks to a clean and intuitive interface
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A customizable taxonomy

Detailed records, categories and metadata filters can be completely customized according to your needs. You can add descriptive tags to your files in order to find them more easily thanks to the search function and the creation of your thesaurus.

Bulk editing of your content

Amise allows you to edit bulk files, whether you want to add or remove keywords, edit files, or add information to other metadata fields.

Detecting duplicates

When importing, Amise detects whether an identical file is already present in the media library, even if the file has a different name. Free to you then consider it as a new version of the document or create a new file.

File Versions

Version control helps designers and brand managers ensure that the most up-to-date versions of files are available for download.

Rights Management

As soon as the files arrive at the end of the right of use, Amise takes care to un-publish them automatically. Users who have previously downloaded these files will be notified by email.

Better use of your business content

Facilitate collaboration and unlock the potential of your data and digital content

Instant and intelligent search

The simple search field is always present because it is placed in the top menu bar. This one works in the way of the search engines of the web. An input help is integrated.

Filter and search help

Whether you are in a directory or in the results of a search, Amise offers you to filter the content with its filter bar. This bar can refer to certain metadata fields and is customizable when setting up Amise according to your needs.

Stylish and convenient display of data

The content is presented by default in thumbnail view to preview your content. These thumbnails can be displayed cropped or with margins to not miss the picture according to your preferences. More information appears when you hover over the thumbnails. The information displayed is configurable.


Thanks to the history linked to each file, Amise gives you the possibility to examine each action performed, by whom and on what date.

Statistics and big data

The statistics include the data and actions taken by all users on each content. From download statistics to the use of keywords, everything is presented in a modern, interactive and detailed way.

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