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Enterprise Edition

Amise Enterprise Edition allows you to collaborate with many thousands of users distributed in France and around the world. Enterprise license allows development in specific around Amise as well as hosting "on premise", IE your own hosting.

Ideal if you want to deploy Amise on your own infrastructure by taking advantage of an unlimited storage potential, as it is hosted on your own servers.


Starting at 29000 € / year

Why choose the Enterprise edition?

The Enterprise edition gives you the freedom to choose your own hosting, custom levels of support and maintenance, and extras such as some applicative connectors.
Give your organization access to a powerful, playful and intuitive library that will allow your employees and partners to find and reuse your media resources quickly.

Host on your own infrastructure

Choose your own storage: host Amise on your own infrastructure or on a public Cloud such as Amazon EC2. We also can also host Amise in our own Datacenters in France or the USA.
Work with different types of hard drives (hardware), such as with NAS, SAN, iSCSI, etc. For example, you can use your fastest drives only for popular content.
Enjoy a strong and reliable architecture
It is for more than 10 years now that our solution is tested and used in the real world. What you can expect from Amise: high availability and increased performance. No surprises.

Customize your metadata

Apply metadata to your files, import and export your metadata in Excel with the Enterprise version.
Designate your metadata in a way that they match perfectly to the lexical field of your activity.
Add scroll-down menus, a hierarchy of type 'tree', fields to tick and fields of multiple choices, etc.
Also access advanced search to find more quickly.

Integration with your existing application environment

Connect Amise to a wide selection of third-party applications. This includes sharing by FTP, and management of the content through CMS systems like Drupal, Wordpress, Sharepoint and others.
Simplify the introduction of Amise through creative plugins designed for more Adobe and enjoy native compatibility with Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Authentication via the existing corporate directory (SSO)

Your users connect to Amise with their login and password of their enterprise since our solution is easily connected to the Active Directory of your enterprise. So you can instantly connect your users by inheriting from the rights and permissions already established beforehand.
We help you for your setup. Amise or one of our technology partners helps you determine what type of storage is best to suit your needs, what types of metadata will be interesting to implement according to your content types, and what will be nice to anticipate in the future.

Work with all file types

The Enterprise version supports a wide variety of formats, including proprietary formats and complex files.
Manage easily the video and audio
You do not need anymore the expensive and resource intensive video editing software, since the Enterprise version greatly facilitates the management of your audio and video files. Discharge, watch, listen, cut and share in a few clicks.
Include your documents and presentations
Store and organize your PDFs, Office documents, and other types of files as a DAM of type Sharepoint or Opentext. Take advantage of the features of tagguage, research and sharing on all of your documents on a single platform.

Use a secure platform and that has is proven worth

Amise from the beginning has been designed for IT teams. The Enterprise version comes with a package of options related to hosting, storage, backup and the duplicates. From start to finish, we use a HTTPS encryption.

Get access to a satisfying API

The Amise API allows you to include or to extend a certain number of features in your projects. Your developers can use our documentation and code examples to achieve this.
The enterprise version of Amise is updated regularly during the year simplifying your access to new features, to the patch for security, but also to support and maintenance.

Support and quality training

From the first day, our team of experts advises and accompanies you. To guarantee you an optimal start, we come to your premises to help you migrate your existing media library in Amise. Our most experienced consultants provide expansion and appropriate training to your users.

There are several methods of migration, but one of the most popular is to send you an external hard drive or you will copy all the data you want to find in send. Then we take care of the configuration of the server with the data already loaded and ready to be used.

A team of consultants at your disposal

Our team of the most experienced consultants are also involved when it comes to developing specifically concerning our solution.

Try Amise for free for 30 days

No obligation
Test our DAM solution for free with your own content and learn how Amise is simple to use.