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Amise: The French SaaS editor that manages corporate multimedia content

The growth of the web and the evolution of technologies mean that, from minute to minute, the documents and data generated multiply exponentially. Leaving your data packed on vulnerable and overloaded hard drives is becoming less and less a viable option, especially for individuals and businesses looking for productivity.

Amise, a digital asset manager is a French response to this problem. Straight out of Paris, Amise offers new solutions and new services to its customers.

Franck Fitoussi
Franck Fitoussi
Founder, CEO

Consulting at Logica for 3 years and specializing in GED (Electronic Document Management) solutions, Franck has built up a great deal of expertise in the market...


They talk about us


"Right out of Paris, AMISE offers new solutions and new services to its customers."

Ze Mag
Mars 2016 | See article

"Accessible, efficient, pleasant to use. [...] sought to do it better than our competitors."

Bonjour Idée
February 2016 | See article