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Digital Asset Management

All your digital assets in the same place

and presented in the most beautiful way
Find all your photos, videos, and other types of documents from a secure, centralized solution.
Store your media from your own servers or on a high availability private cloud infrastructure hosted by Amise in France.

Easily dump your content

also from your existing tools
Stop to the files scattered in trees and under trees, duplicated on several servers.
Import your files easily without any duplicates. Define your tree, tag your media with keywords so you can find them with a click.
We help you to migrate your media to Amise. For free.

A quick search at your fingertips

thanks to a clean and intuitive interface
View and preview your media thumbnails in an elegant and intuitive interface. Create media collections to organize your thoughts and projects.
Define your own keyword dictionaries with the multilingual company thesaurus. Using keyword dictionaries provides search suggestions and avoids misspellings related to search terms.
Automatically add the appropriate metadata to the assets to find them more easily and spend less time tagging them. Your metadata can be keywords, as well as author names, a drop-down menu, GPS coordinates, file usage rights, and more.

Downloading and sharing has never been easier

Facilitate collaboration and unlock the potential of your data and digital content
Say goodbye to attachments in the e-mail. Put the validated assets at the disposal of each one (internal teams, external agencies, partners, resellers), on request. In just a few clicks and in a secure way.
A virtual work room, invite your employees to comment on your work in a workflow integrated in the multimedia library.
Share your files via FTP, Facebook, Twitter and Slack without ever leaving your workspace.

Your content in every formats

thanks to our automatic conversion tool
Resize your images and videos in web and mobile formats.
Amise supports a wide range of file types and formats. See the full list here.
You also benefit from automatic editing tools that allow you to generate a multitude of variants by modifying the size, color, format, resolution and framing.
No installation required, your users access Amise via the browser.

Broadcast Video

Your videos streamed in all your channels
Create, preview, and stream interactive video content. Amise has a video player in which you can also define your chapters and cut a video into several sub videos. Subtitling is also managed.
The quality of the video adapts automatically according to the speed of connection of your users; Useful for sites in the region or internet access is not very fast.
Publish your videos on social networks, on all screens and devices with a single URL.

Interoperate with your IS and existing applications

Our system is completely open to APIs
Thanks to its application structure, Amise knows how to communicate natively with other applications such as Salesforce, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. Work with your media directly from Wordpress, Drupal and other CMS through a plugin system.

A coherent brand identity

for better harmonization of shared content
Configure Amise to match the visual identity of your brand: logos, colors, typographies, etc. Also make these assets available to your employees in order to maintain a consistent brand image.
Add and remove accounts with their own brand images.

Big Data ready

Statistics in a lizzy
Identify the most used assets, that is, those that generate the greatest number of consultations and downloads in order to design campaigns that are always more efficient. Find the best performing assets and reuse them on new channels.

Edit your templates

via our templates tool
Give your users tools to create templates without any programming or help from the IT department. Whether it is a simple web page or a landing page in responsive design, users can quickly create templates that meet their needs and control the structure and appearance of pages.

Manage rights and user permissions

globally, by directory or even by file
Control the lifecycle of your users, their roles and privileges such as the rights to download, consult, change, etc.
Monitor the behavior of your users to know who is accessing or editing such and such content and when. Create custom reports so you can see at a glance which users download the most. For example.

Designed for IT teams

The security of your data is our business
Amise was created in the most secure way possible. As a result, Amise is routinely audited to ensure that your data is kept secure.
Your data is automatically backed up every day and all our customers benefit from regular updates and new features throughout the year.

Change management and support

brought by a dedicated team
We provide you with tools such as video tutorials that will allow your users to take Amise quickly.
You can also book one or more training sessions, free or paid according to the type of training. (E-mail, phone, webinar or in person)
Our support team is always at your disposal to advise you and help you in case of problems. We are experts in pre-media solution for over 10 years and have only one goal: to take care of you!

Try Amise for free for 30 days

No obligation
Test our DAM solution for free with your own content and learn how Amise is simple to use.